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Hi, I’m new today. Last friday I took delivery of my R Reg Ducati 900ss. It has a race clutch, Brembo Wheels, Sil Moto full system Exhausts, Stage 2 Dyno Jet, braided hoses all round, gear and brake hangers from machined billet aluminium, both full fairing and bikini fairing options, pazo levers, plus lots more. All done by Baines Racing and then minted up by Ducati John. In his own words “its a peach”. I am a happy man!!

That sounds nice David.
Now we just need the weather to get into gear!


I split these posts of from the other topic as it was a new member so a new topic was warranted.



Bike sounds lovely and I bet it does sound lovely, welcome, see you around sometime

Thanks! Yeah, hoping to get some miles done when the temps improve.

It does sound great with the Sil Motos, very loud and thumpy. The clutch is a new experience for me though, makes a funny noise when you pull it in but Ducati John says thats what the race clutch sounds like. Might put the standard one back in yet as the race clutch requires quite a lot of revs to launch the bike so you look like a complete nutter at every set of lights and junction.

Thats is my only minor issue with the bike though, generally speaking it is lovely. Great condition, clean as you like and roars into life with the tiniest touch of the starter button. Very well balanced too, it almost stands up itself.

It’s my first big bike too as my last 2 were only learner legal. Italjet Dragster and then an RS125 (2 stroke full power version as opposed to the Euro Sanitized modern 4 stroke which looks great but goes like a 60s lambretta).

I got the bug of my Dad who is also a fan of Ducati’s but his real love is Honda and has a 2012 HRC Blade with an Arrow pipe fitted.

You can see my bike if you look at my Avatar.

Thanks for the welcome everyone!!

Ahhh the Ducati clutch, all dry clutches are noisy, race or otherwise, lovely noise.

Fair enough. It’s a lovely machine, totally smitten. Looking forward to attending an event just to hear multiple Ducati in chorus. Must be immense!