Another new member!

Hi to all.

I am a part Ducati owner!

Now that has you thinking, does he mean like a share in a racehorse?

No, I am building a project bike out of various components from both Ducati and Aprilia.

And to that end it is vital that I get good sound advice and tips from both sets of Tifosi.

I will post mainly in tech advice and similar sections as I need mainly just advice and measurements.


Hello Andreas,
that sounds a fascinating project - maybe you’d like to contribute to ‘Desmo’ by sending in progress reports? Then we can all share the news :slight_smile:

Great stuff, sounds interesting

I will be doing a few small engineering items next and then will post progess as it gets done in stages.

A breakdown of what is used and how it got to this stage will be posted next.


welcome aboard, some knowlegable and very friendly folk hang round here :smiley: