Another new user nightmare 2

Hello to all.
Thought I’d get my two pence worth on here. So here goes without malice.
Having been a Ducati owner for a few years I have finely joined the DOC and many years ago was also a member of the Ducati Sporting Club, a great club but with to many problems.
I was really looking forward to using this club and its website to meet new people, discuss technical things etc etc etc .
But, this must be the worst website I’ve ever tried to use. To me its extremely hard to navigate and is poorly laid out.
Try looking at other sites such as The Ducati Forum, The Laverda Forum, The KTM Forum and, dare I say it, The Ducati Sporting Club.
All are laid out in a similar logical format that’s easy to navigate.
I’m sure I’ll get berated by the forum administrators etc and told to go forth and multiply my various members etc but I’m sure I’m not the only one to make these observations.
Thank you.

That’s a relief! I thought it was just me. I’m far from fluent in IT, but I don’t find it at all user friendly. So I tend to frequent other forums.
I also have frequent problems with emails bouncing back “recipient rejected by the server” with addresses.

I was thinking the same but decided to press on. But still cant get around it
Also still cant get any sort of reply regards my local branch is it still operating or have they given up. Paid my money very very dissapointed so far

Can you tell me which addresses are bouncing back from the server? This is not a problem I have experienced but will look into the problem.
Chris H
DOC GB Secretary

Who would be your local area branch? I can enquire as to why you have had no reply.
Chris H
DOC GB Secretary

Looks like my post has caused a few to comment.
I have had messages from other members to say they thought it was a very poor website and was extremely hard to navigate and or find anything, even to the point that they use other sites in preference to this one.
I would welcome some comments from the website organisers because I’m beginning to wonder if joining the club was a waste of my time.

Hi mate
Im in Reading berkshire area. So i guess that would be Berkshire/oxfordshire. I fully respect the fact that people have jobs / family & bikes to look after and time is hard to find. Just a yes or no ifits still going would be fine. Or any others around

As your first post mentions various ‘forums’ am I right in thinking by website it is the DOC GB forum you have issue with rather than the club website?
I just want to be clear as to issues members are having.
Chris H
Secretary DOC GB

Are you talking website, as in the club website or where these messages are here, as in the forum. Where this message is now is the club forum, it is quite new and it is a work in progress, I thought we removed the branches as most use Facebook now and not the forum. I will take a look and if there are any branch pages here they will be removed as they are just not used.

HI Guys, ive tried a couple of times to connect with people locally to me in Henley via the groups but cant seem to get anything worked out. I may be doing something odd but don’t think so. Is there anyone planning to ride down to Castle Combe this Saturday for the event from the Berkshire or Oxfordshire area.


Quite a few going to Southern Rally, Facebook posts and page for it