Anybody fance painting a Monster ???

If anybody or a team of people fancy painting a Monster the factory are running a competition, we are a few weeks behind but it should not be a problem, basically the team come up with a design for a new Monster, paint it and then we get the parts fitted to either a 696 or 1100 and take pictures of it, the pictures are judged and then the winners recieve nice Monster artwork pictures.

Please let me know and I will fill the application in and then I will get sent two fuel tank covers, tail piece, fly screen and front mudguard for you to paint.

This needs to be done in the next 14 days.



Jilly, just to clear up your question in desmo, nobody wanted to paint a Monster, it was one entry per club detials as below. We were a bit late with it also.

Martyn send a set of 696 panels to us. Anne is an artist and Kat a graphic designer trained so they should come up with something.

It was in the last Desmo and the date was almost up so didn’t think had time to enter.

It was also posted to the email list, giving plenty of time to enter … never mind, I think it’s too late now!

Done, finished and already won, the winners are on and some pictures of the winners in Desmo also at EICMA