Anyone know this bike? … _500wt_950


Well,did you?
Poor Darmah, I sense many hours and much wonga to get you back to a rideable state, let alone to make you beautiful again :cry:

Yeah, that was me…soft in the head…lol, still, keep me off the streets…

Good luck - the forum will be a mine of useful information and help - I’m always amazed by the level of expertise on here, and people’s willingness to give up their time to help. Whereabouts are you?

I’m in Mansfield, notts…about 5 miles outside of…someone’s got to be I suppose…lol
Cheers Rich

Your going to be spending a lot of time in that shed!
Best of luck with it though.

Thanks for that, maybee I should get my mail re directed to my…
Cheers Rich

2 Grand for that?? I’m feeling faint. :astonished:

Steve R

I know, I must be bonkers…