April 2023 - Classic Bike Show

I now have the idea of a 1970s theme, with the full range of 750s and singles of that era on display.
I already have the full range of 750s lined up. Fingers crossed.
I’d also want to include the full range of 250/350/450 Mk3’s and Desmo’s. And a 500 Sport Desmo.
So if anyone has any of these I’d like to speak to them.
Please respond via the forum or direct to me at staffs@docgb.net

That’s me out, I will be there though

There has been a re-think on this now.
After deciding on and finalising a theme for 2024, the 2023 show will follow a different path.
There is likely to be a strong element of Monsters, but with others interspersed.
I will add more details as and when decided.

Meanwhile - have a look at what’s planned for 2024, which explains the 2023 re-think.

If you need anything then the forum is not the best place, let me know what you do need and I can get it onto other channels.

This is why it doesn’t work Dave, people have to log on to check, other platforms you get the messages instantly