april fools ?

i saw this and thort bull… but apparently not its real ? what do you guys think,
i think i could get my mrs around the idea of keeping one of these bikes in the front room , cool lol


I think it’s for real, though god knows why?
OK for displays I suppose, looks like it’s british?

Why would you want a plastic one?



ohhhhhhhhhhh steve i love it but i just wouldnt get away with it !!! but fair play
BTW … whats the old black bike ? brothers just found old james comet , trying to find out how old it is etc , reg on it is GUN65 !!!

It is a 1927 factory replica Scott of a 1925 TT race bike. My father owned it for about 50 yrs and I inherited it from him.

It is road legal and I try to ride it once or twice each year in a local VMCC event.