Attended a Ducati trackday at Donington 23rd May & wanting to reach out to anyone i met that day to say thank you for there help

Hi to all on the Ducati forum it’s been a while
Just wondering if any one on the forum was attending the Ducati UK trackday at Donington Tuesday 23rd May. I was there with my monster mob 749s in garage 12 had a brilliant reception from all the riders in my garage & fellow duke owners great morning until I had a low side into to Goddards at 12 o’clock, I was bashed up pretty bad & the bike.
Found out later I had broken my scapula (blade bone ) I just want to say a massive thanks for everyone in garage 12 for there help in loading my bike back on the trailer, whilst I went to AE Loughborough. & The Ducati UK representative’s on the day for taking me too AE & MSV staff for there help Brilliant & the other garage’s for there support in offering to help also .by the time I returned to the circuit everyone had packed up and gone unfortunately, & couldn’t thank them on person for there help & assistance .I have had two weeks to get over the crash , and on the road to recovery, so if you know anyone that might of been at Donington Ducati track day , I would appreciate you could let them know how grateful I am for there support Hope to be back on the bike in two to three months & will be hoping to do Donington Ducati trackday next year again safely ️