Attended a Ducati trackday at Donington 23rd May & wanting to reach out to anyone i met that day to say thank you for there help

Hi to fellow Ducati riders I’ve own and loved my Ducati 749s BSB limited edition replica Paul Bird monster mob 2005 for 14 years on road , then decided to do some UK Trackdays over the years , croft / Mallory/Cadwell/Donington absolutely fantastic riding this piece of Italian work of art on track been able to see the dukes are at home on race tracks , I live in the North East of England Stockton-on-Tees
I attended Ducati UK trackday at Donington 23rd May.
Brilliant day until I had a crash , is had my bike in garage 12 where all the fellow Ducati owners in garage 12 were so considerate And helped me out re loading my bike back on the trailer, whilst I went to AE & other riders in the rest of the garages aswell, so I would like take this opportunity to try and reach out to anyone that attended this trackday to thank you for your offers to help , I broke my scapula (blade bone):face_with_head_bandage::face_with_peeking_eye:
& nearly three weeks on I’m healing well :muscle: 15 weeks to heal & physio before get back on two wheels :crossed_fingers:
I will be looking for to returning to Donington Ducati track day next year :crossed_fingers::motorcycle::checkered_flag:
Hope to get back out on the road soon & hope to meet fellow Ducati riders from the forum local to me to meet up for rides out next year
Safe riding everyone :fist::fist: