Back again to scratch the itch

Had a short-lived spate with a 620 monster in the summer time but it had a dud gear change issue and I ended up returning it to the dealer after a couple of weeks having paid far too much to be having immediate problems.

ended up with a blackbird briefly, and did a german black forest trip on it which was awesome.

but then I still wasn’t satisfied and had to come back to ducati.

picked up this tattier, but much cheaper monster 620 a week or 2 ago and it’s immediately vastly better. On’y had a couple of rides on it, back from somerset buying it, to work one day, and up to a mates office in swansea for a meeting. it has badly squared tyres but for the use it’ll get over winter I’m not going to rush to change those til spring.

here she is anyway :slight_smile:

Lovely, get out and about with it, you will have a blast