Bad news unfortunately

On Saturday evening travelling back from the CoM meeting our Assistant Membership Secretary, Amanda had heart failure in the car, everything was done to help until the ambulance arrived but to no avail, she sadly passed away.

Sincerest sympathy to the family and friends but she was doing what she wanted to do with the people she wanted to be with.

Funeral will be held next Tuesday, 12th February at St Augustines on Thicketford Road, Bolton, after at the Lord Clyde Pub on Folds Road in Bolton, please let me know if you are planning to attend, one of the strict stipulations for attending is you MUST wear odd socks, preferably one stripy.

I hope I have spelt all of this correctly or I will be in for it !!!

We will give her a big send off whatever you knew her by Amanda or Manda, RB2 or Swanny.

My deepest condolense goes out to the family and loved ones.
Amanda was such a wonderful woman, always full of love, full of energy and was always smiling. Nothing was ever to much trouble for her.
My heart goes out to all that had the good fortune to meet Amanda and got to know her well.

Amanda you will be greatly missed, and may you rest in peace.

With Love,
Paul Ellison

I echo Paul’s comments. What a sad loss to the club, but most especially to Frank.
I am sorry I will not be able to attend the funeral as I will be in Istanbul on the 12th.
My deepest sympathies to Frank, and Amanda’s family.

Same again from me.
Although we got off to a very shakey start, Manda and I resolved the problem and were forging a good friendship - it was good to have another female on the CoM! My condolences to all Manda’s friends and family.


If you feel up to it, Frank, please could you write one for Desmo? I’m sure that all the club members would appreicate it.

Yea Desmo, I will, she worked very hard for the club and will be missed by many.

I was equally shocked when I heard the sad news from Martyn on Saturday night.

It sad when we lose any member, but it’s very hard to comprehend that you will never see the person you were chatting with just a couple hours before ever again.

Manda put a lot of time and effort into the club in the all too brief time she was involved and her enthusiasm was boundless, she will be sorely missed and leaves a void that will be hard to fill, not least for her family and friends whose loss we must not forget.

On a personal note. I will always remember her doing the membership and regalia sales at the Stafford October show, she was so good that even I was about to get my wallet out to buy some T shirts only to find out she’d sold them all!

I only knew Manda for a few short months, and she was always great fun and extremely helpful (especially if there was chocolate involved). She was kind enough to do a bit of impromptu child-minding for me at the GMex show too, which was very much appreciated as you can imagine.
I was so shocked when Martyn told me what had happened. I’d like to send my deepest condolances to her nearest & dearest. Please give her a good send off!

For those attending, suits are obviously fine, so is Ducati clothing, if you are coming on two wheels then of course leather is perfectly acceptable, she would kick off anyway if anybody got arsey, Zara, Amanda’s daughter is looking forward to seeing the people that she constantly talked about.


A BIG thank you to all who attended Manda’s funeral and to all who wore odd socks today. Manda left behind a brother and a daughter but with no other family there was still only standing room in the church.

She had a good send off and knowing her she would have been delighted that everyone wore odd socks.

Thank you for all your support throughout this very unpleasant time and I am sure she is now in a much better place.

Apologies for not attending couldnt get time off.
Amanda was a great girl,good laugh one of the gang and most of all a friend.
Gutted mate absolutley Gutted…

I forgot about the donations yesterday.
Should donations be sent to the funeral directors or to the family?
(I think that it’s normal for the funeral directors to collect donations for a few weeks after the funeral).



Hi Roger,
donations to the family via me I’m afraid.