Ballisima Bambina

I’d like to share an image of my Ducati 996. My pride and joy. A big thanks to Paul851 for the info on how to upload, Cheers. Pete.

Nice looking 996 Pete :sunglasses:

Welcome, and Nice one on the bike … call me frankenstein but can’t help thinking the 1098 needs a narrower seat just like the 996 to be perfect … mind, I’d tell scrawny spice she was too fat :laughing:

HAHAH should that not be Mo ??? I hear it is the boys you like… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Who Mo? Me confused - but never in that way :open_mouth:

I’m sure the 1098 / 848 only have wide seats so fat Yanks can fit on them without drooping 2 stone saddlebags either side of the back wheel :laughing: