battery Charger

Anyone know of a good make of Charger that suits these big V twins as with winter it’s likely to get less use when the weather gets really crappy over here.

I use an Optimate John, but Ducati do sell one too.

I use an Optimate on all my Ducatis and find them very good. The only thing I do is put the Optimates on a timer so they are on 2 or 3 days a week but off the rest.

Does it make any difference? I am not sure but I would say that I rarely have any issues come spring

Cheers guys. Probably get one cheaper locally so will have a look around.



I have about 12 of them and found eBay the best place to get the keenest price

If your on a tight budget like me, I managed to come up with a solution that certainly works for my needs.
The handlebar extension I made from an old solid aluminium “D” handle that I mounted using the expanding rubber bung method, so its secure, rubber mounted and you don’t have to alter the bike ( apart from removing the plastic bar end cap. I think it looks cool, but then I would wouldn’t I.

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