Battery connections

Hi, I have a 2002 ST4, I have just fitted a DD headlight and wiring for a heated jacket, which now means that I need to connect 3 extra wires to the battery + & - in addition to the 2 already there. The problem is that the connecting stud is’nt long enough, could I use a terminal block to join the 3 extra leads together, or is there a better solution?



Personally I would purchase a slightly longer bolt and use that whilst maintaining the separate connections.



Hi David,

I’m with Steve Price on this one, I’ve never seen a battery with studs they’ve always had either female threads to take a bolt or posts that you bolt onto?

Are the ST4’s fitted with a 3 phase alternator?
Because if they only have a single phase one I don’t give it much chance of powering better lights and heated clothing.

Steve R