I need a battery for 749’, I put a Numax on last year but it has been flat so many times this year it has given up, so another, Varta, which I believe are the same or has anybody fitted a motobatt ??

I have Motobatt on a couple of mine and they have given no issues. I do keep them on an Optimate charger throughout the winter though so they do not go flat.

Martyn, I had a motobatt on my 999, looked after it by keeping indoors when cold, trickle charge etc but it started loosing power after a year and nfg after 2. Recommend Yuasa from MD Batteries, Enfield. but order through Amazon and you won’t pay postage. £40 all in. Next day delivery. Top service. Cheers, Keith.

I think that is the way I will go, heard good and bad about Motobatt, my Yuasa over the years have done really well

Although late I thought I’d post about my own MotoBatt experience.

Fitted one on my CBR1000FL from 1990 - delighted with the cold cranking amps performance.

Did 4500 miles in a year, no issues.

12 months and 5 days after fitting - dead, wont take a charge.

Spoke to MPS where I bought it - “Yes sit, we can help you…we can sell you a new battery”

Wrote to MotoBatt - tough!!

Read internet forums - wish I’d done that first. I read that they used to offer a 24 month warranty and then reduced it to a 12 month warranty - I wonder why.

I shan’t/haven’t bought another given a) the performance experience and b) the cold shoulder from MotoBatt when I contacted them direct.

Hope that’s helpful.

Though expensive I have had mostly good experience with Odyessey Batteries - the one on my 851 has been on there for 7 years and I am now going to find it is non functioning when I go in the garage tomorrow to prove to myself she starts. Only about 500 miles per year and stays on an Optimate.