I’ve still only got the cheap battery fitted at last years TT, so I thought I would replace it with a good qaulity one.

I’d be interested in my fellow Bevel owners opinions on this horribly boring subject, particularlyyour thoughts on gel filled ones that wont wreck my stainless AGAIN when they go wrong!


I’ve just bought a GEL battery from a german company for my '92 900SS. Despite the postage costs, they still came in cheaper (£70 delivered to me door) than any of the rip-off sods in the UK . This after paying $104 (yep, dollars, so £52) all in for a pair of Dyna Coils, which, all dealers in good old UK insisted cost at least £80 plus VAT plus p&p…

Can’t comment on the battery’s performance cos, lets face it, even the worst lead acid battery would still be ok after only a couple of weeks - next winter will be the test for it!

not particularly about batteries but battery chargers, I was changing my Darmah battery each year after trying to charge it up with an Optimate after winter. When I used an ordinary car charger instead I realised that it had been the Optimate that was not man enough for the job rather than the battery being dead :frowning:

I have been unable to find a gel alternative to the standard Battery on my 900SS. Has anyone else had any luck in this department?

Or failing this, what is the best most supa dupa Battery know to man kind that will suit the old girl!


I think that before shelling out on a new battery you should address why they keep going wrong and wrecking your stainless.
Gell ones will still split when overcharged, and although there’s no liquid acid to pour out, corrosion will still occur. If you shell out on an expensive battery but don’t address the cause of the failure then you’re wasting your money.

I presume that your regulator hasn’t been working properly if your batteries keep failing. If you fix this then next time you put a new battery in it should last a bit longer. Even an old battery shouldn’t be spilling acid unless it’s overfilled or boiling because it’s overcharging.



The charging system is now working very well thanks. The new regulater saw to that. But the fact is a poor battery means the charging system is working harder than it ought to, which makes it mare likely to go wrong again, which is why I want the best battery known to man kind!

Well;, despite this weeks weather having a good attempt to keep me off the road (bloody cold and damn frosty at 6am this morning) have to report that the GEL battrey I fitted at the end of last year is still merrily helping my '92 900SS fire up first turn, with no sign of any drain down of charge which lead acid would’ve definitely had in sub zero temps… have to admit to also having fitted thicker wires from battery to starter, new solenoid, and some Dyna coils (another story, giving much smoother pickup at low revs), but very happy with the battery to date. Still can’t get the balance right on how much ethanol per tank to fully stop icing in morning, yet prevent run-on on the journey home, but hey, at least it runs, which is more than the bosses one year old CB600RR :laughing:

If you’re looking to go the same route, I got the GEL battery from PAM-TEILE (german bods) on ebay - £70 inc. delivery, which only took a couple of days … it’s slightly taller than a standard L-A, but does fit… oh, and watch the connections - they are clearly marked, but the other way round to standard - ie the terminals face the front, not the back, when correctly fitted :confused:

Keiths 900SS is a Bevel from around "79-"81, it’s kickstart only.
The battery is quite a bit smaller than a later ‘Rubber Band’ 900SS and therefore so is the battery mounting.
If you find one Keith, please let me know.

Steve Robins

It’s a what? from when? oh, alright then… I thought I was hanging on to the past with me ‘one in, one out’ valve system, but you people who get panicky unless there’s metal on metal contact… even on yer valve train :laughing:

anyway - bloody cold again this morning… poor nads were still hiding 'til gone 10am :astonished: but hey, me and some loon on an old Paris Dakar GS Beemer seemed the only ones on two wheels…