Becoming Ducati obsessed

I bought a new Supersport S a couple of years ago, then I bought a red 748BP by mistake (although I really wanted a 916) then I bought a 748SP straight afterwards because it is yellow! I still love my old Brit bikes but there is something strangely addictive about this Italian marque. Will continue looking for that totally original, early 916 so I am obviously hooked!

That is how it starts, it just takes over

Domiracer we have a bit in common. I bought one and have ended up with 6 . My first one should have been an 1998 916 sp . 6000miles £4600 . 2002 this was .Should have bought but my wife at the time talked me out of it . The wife messed around so now have the 6

Yes its a nice problem but it won’t stop at 6

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