Been a Ducatisti for a while.................

But only just joined DOCGB :slight_smile:

Welcome and thanks for joining

Welcome to the club El Toro.

[size=150]Welcome to the club.[/size]

… and welcome from me

…and don’t forget to join your local Branch, or to set one up.


My connection to DOC goes back nearly 40 years - bloody hell, it’s hard to realise it’s so long!!! - but I’m not a club member now, just a member of this forum.

I live in Thailand now, far away from the tourist spots.

I joined DOC in about 1977 when I bought a new red & white Darmah when they first appeared on the scene. Since then, I’ve owned (in no particular order) '78 900SS bevel, '78 Darmah Sport, '79 Hailwood Rep., '89 851, '74 239 Desmo and a '64 250 Daytona, probably my favourite bike of all that I’ve owned. There were also Hondas, a Suzuki, a Morini, a Sunbeam, a BMW (terrible machine!) and my last UK bike, a Triumph 675 Daytona.

I think I finally quit DOC membership in about 2007 & came to Thailand in 2009.

I’ve been Membership Sec. and Tool Hire Sec. at some time. Helped set-up a Herts. & Essex Branch in about '78 and to resurrect it quite a few years later - maybe in '89 but not sure.

I knew a lot of DOC people but contact has now been lost with all of them and I doubt that many of them are still club members, although I’m trying to re-establish contact with one who was a special friend.

Still ride a bike here but not a Ducati.

Just thought I’d say “Hello” and maybe I’ll post a some ‘Tales from Thailand’ in the future.

So “Hello” to any out there whose memory might be jogged so that they remember me from the description - not that I was ever particularly memorable!!

Ah, would you be Martin Littlebury by an chance? I’ve been a DOC GB member since '76 … and have been Secretary, Membership Secretary, Chair and Editor (several times!)

Yep, got it in one!


I’ve tried to get mods. to move my post to its own thread - I put it here by mistake - but no response from them yet.