Been offered a W plate 600 Pantah. Advice needed

Hi Fella’s and Girls .
I’v recently be offered a W plate 600 Pantah .
Its been dry stored for 17 years has 33000 on the clock and was a local bike to my area .
I believe it runs and just needs a little tidying to put back on the rd . I have posted a few pics as it is over sea’s at the moment.
Any Idea of a value please anyone

It depends if all is well when belts and fluids changed, there may be things needed doing, will need tyres as well.

I can probably find out a little more but I’m of the understanding it was exsported and just laid up . I can do the service myself . I relise there will be serviceing needed . I understand it will need tyre .
All this considered once complete what would it be worth… Any ideas please ??

I gave just over £3k for mine about 2 years ago, but after spending about £500 on paint and servicing etc, I reckon an overall cost of about £3,500 isn’t too bad for thend result.

Thats brill information mate . I guessed up and running about 3k to 3.5k .
I am buying this one along with a Bantam super worth about 1.2k for 2k . No brainer I reckon .
The guy how owned them was a keen biker and was killed on a bike earlier this year .
His dad is still alive and wants to see the bantam running again

them back in the area his son used to ride them . So its not about the money .
The guy was a good friend of a close friend of mine so just trying to help out but may give me a chance to own a classic Duc .

And Spaggy you’re bike looks great mate . :+1::+1:

Thought the paint job would make it look a little more up to date.