Belt service

Hi I’m a newbie just got s2r800 loving it so far. The chap I got it off said the belts needed to be done next year, I’ve checked the reams of paperwork and bills but can only find one belt change on a bike that’s 10 years old, not good. I live in south Staffordshire anybody recommend a workshop in my area?? Or more to the point any to avoid?

Your nearest main dealer is Ducati Wolverhampton (actually Pensnett) not cheap but then none of them are.
If you can’t find proof of the belts being changed within the last 2 years they really do need to be done.
The only independant mechanic in the area I know of is Rod Haddon in Bewdley, I can give you his number of you want it.

You were right not cheap 400+ but all sorted now they even painted the clutch cover as the old paint was peeling. Running much better so needed a service.

Good, all ready to go then, shame it’s the end of the season, but it will be ready for 2016, or any nice days in between.