Hi, I have just put my 996 in for a full service at a local garage and was told when I got there that he would have to look at the timing belts first before he ordered them. Are there different types for a 2000 - 996?
He now has to wait for them, so kept my bike until they arrive.
Vinnie. :question:

The 996cc ST4S (with the dropped exhaust cams) runs shorter belts than the earlier 996’s.
The earlier 996’s SPS/Bip’s run the same length belts as the 851/888/916’s.
If your local garage is a Ducati specialist he should know this.
If not I wouldn’t use him!

Steve R

Hi, thanks for you reply, he is a very experienced local mechanic and I’ve no problems with him working on my Duke from what I have heard about him on the Ducatisti forum, it was just a query about belt types.
Thanks again for replying, Vinnie. :laughing: