Bevel drive engine rebuild

Im a new member with an old 750 sport that needs an engine rebuild. Is there a reliable recommended ‘go to’ person to do this?

Hi welcome to the club .
Theres a guy called Paul ( Ducati Technical services. I had a chat with him over something and he seems very knowledgeable and helpful.
He hasn’t done any work for me , but he does specialize in the early 750’s I believe.
He advertises in the club magazine but his number is 01924 860210 .
Regards Brian

Hi Brian,
Thanks - that’s really helpful. I’ll call him. And let you know what happens,.
Kind regards,

Brancato Engineering is probably your best bet. But tell Tony to finish my 750 engine rebuild first.

DTS rebuilt the motor in my 1980 MHR and it is now very lovely indeed with new crank, a light gas flow and new valves, valve seats to cope with that nasty ethanol fuel we have to deal with nowadays along with lots of errr other bits. Did 500 miles in two days in the summer on it last year, was fantastic fun!

Thanks to all the above. I/m going to give DTS a try. Tony Brancato has a waiting list of about a year!
I’ll post my experience - after -

That would be helpful. I have a 1990’s 750 ss I may still get him to do

I wouldn’t mind betting that DTS is a busy as Tony Brancato.

Steve R

And probably still talking about retiring…
Another strong recommendation for DTS. Not cheap but you’ll get what you pay for

My post about DTS was based on a phone call I had with Paul around Xmas time.
I needed my little 250 Desmo single crank pressed and trued…
I’d lightened and balanced it and was fitting a new Arrow/Lacey rod and big end assembly.
He (Paul/DTS) couldn’t help and was booked up for several months, Tony (Brancato) and Nigel Lacey were the same.
When (like these guys) you’re at the top of your game, the waiting list can get a bit on the loooong side.
The downside (for me) is that when you’re already retired there possibly isn’t that much time left to sit and wait…

Steve R