BHR Racing 3 sisters 9/10 May

Just a heads up for anyone who fancies coming to watch this. This is a British Historic Racing event, There’s a vast number of class’s covering all ages of UK and European machines upto 72.

I’m aware Roger will be racing his 250 there in the Ducati class (?)
This should be my 2nd race and 1st race on the freshly built bike, I’m not expecting alot as the engine wont have ran much beforehand, so its just going to be a “shakedown” to see how everything performs.

So feel free to pop by and say hello!

Hi Dave if nothing else on I will certainly be there, we will drag a few people to cheer you on !!! Great stuff

Got my entry through today and im no.248

Not heard from Roger though? Are you going still?


Yes I’m going - doing the Ducati class and the 350’s.

I’m a bit behind on doing my race reports this year - life’s a bit hectic at the moment.



Hopefully some Ducati enthusiasts will turn up, Hoping for decent weather!

Still have to sort the clutch out as its too harsh and waiting for the new ignition to come in the post tomorrow, that needs fitting and testing tomorrow before we leave! :unamused: