BHR (VMCC) Dates for 2009

British Historic Racing (VMCC) have released provisional dates for 2009.

27 March - Mallory Test Day (Friday)
13 April - Mallory (Easter Monday)
9/10 - May Three Sisters
7 June - Mallory
5 July - Cadwell (Club circuit without chicane)
1/2 August - Lydden
30/31 August - Anglesey (Sun/Mon)
26/27 September - Cadwell

The test day is out, no way the bike will be track worthy, Fingers crossed for mallory.

First time classics have been since '06 i was told?

My first one with BHR will probably be at Three Sisters. Will prabably do Cadwell at the end of the season too. Not sure about the rest as the intention at the moment is to concentrate on CRMC (national) and Preston & District (local) clubs.