Big bevel in the post TT classic

saw this superbly turned out 944 Duke today in the pre TT classic races on the Billown circuit. Fantastic to see it circulating. Unfortunately the rider despite qualifing in a respectable place was er forced to visit the loos on the grid as everyone started- and started from the back well down, and finished in the same place!

Great to see it out ayway, and really enjoyed this class of racing which now has a race at the Manx GP!

Anyway, Olli Oltmanns, Ducati bevel 944, which incidently sounded just like Steve Robins bike! (“Dad its not as loud as yours!”)

This is Stuart Noon on a 349 single in the Junior Classic…

and this is Chris Swallow (the Swallows are the Dunlops of the Classic Road racing world!)

PS If the NW200 is “slipstream city” then the Billown is slipstream town- awsome!!!

do you have any more pics? :slight_smile:

Lots. I will Flickr them when i get home as the ireless connection here is a bit slow!


Olli Oltmanns has his own shop for Ducati bevels in Germany .