Bimota DB1

Hi All

I have owned a 1986 Ducati engined Bimota (DB1 - 750 V-twin Desmo) for over 20 years. I used to live in Japan
(307 out of 400 were sold there, mainly through Fukuda Motors) and I rode about 4000km there before shipping it back
to the UK where it was stored (dry) for some time before I had it recommissioned by a place in Croydon who did a poor job - (sent out to a third party without my knowledge, new battery dead after a week, overcharged on labour and chipped paintwork!)

This was a real shock after Japan where the quality of workmanship and level of service is on another level.
That was 10 years ago and the DB1 hasn’t been run since. (I also own Laverda Jota 180 (1980) so that’s kept
the juices flowing).

This time the bike has been stored with fluids so the carbs will need work plus new timing belts, etc. but is
(was) basically fine internally. Can anyone on the forum recommend a secure workshop that can be trusted to
do a good job on a rare bike?

I live south - east London and have spoken to South London Ducati so far but I really need to hear from an
owner of a pre 1990 Ducati for the thumbs up. It would need to be collected so fairly flexible on distance
if necessary.

PS 16" tyres are hard to find these days. Do I have to buy Shinko/Golden tyres?! I heard Michelin make a batch
every couple of years.

Re earlier post: For ‘South London Ducati’ please read ‘MD Racing’

I’d suggest Protwins at South Godstone, they’re used to working on all types of Ducatis, or check out any of the more specialist workshops mentioned in ‘Desmo’

Many thanks for advice - will let you/the forum know how I get on.