bit of help guys.

after a bit of info on one of tony rutters bikes.
looks like a spondon framed pantah type thing to me,

heres a piccy.

a friend of mine works at motorcycle mart kidderminster who sponsord both tony and michael.

many thanks.

Turns out its a Harris frame. :slight_smile:

Turns out its a Harris frame. :slight_smile:

best person to talk to about that bike would be Pat Slinn, he prepared Tony’s bikes whilst at Sports Motorcycles. (If you need an intro to Pat, let me know!)

that would be handy :smiley:
think i found it, or a similar one. was listed on ebay a while ago believe it or not. :astonished:

Will suggest you as a friend for Pat on fb …

thanks Jilly.
found out all about it.
turns out its a harris framed 750 TT formula 1. (last f1 engine from the factory)
Tony raced it fron 1988 to 1991 in places such as, iom tt, monza and assen.
thanks again. :smiley:

great! I knew you’d get some info from Pat! :slight_smile:

thanks again Jilly :smiley: