Bluetooth helmet headsets

I have recently joined Blood Bikes as a volunteer rider and one item that would be an asset to me and the controller is a telephone head set. So I ask the forum has any member been using one or could someone recommend a cheap set. I’m not into music etc, but one were I can reply to a call and listen to sat-nav instructions. Any help would be most appreciated.
Dave Hughes

me n the mrs bought the BT800 bluetooth units from ebay
we got the two headset units for driver to pillion comms
worked well…good battery life …clear transmissions
all for £69
for the cash defo worth it
paired easy enough to our satnav and iphones

Cheers for that info Mark. It was just what I was looking for, because I had the BT800 down on my pad as a possible purchase. Amazon have them for £40.00 and they may come cheaper on ebay. However many thanks for taking the time to advise me.
Dave Hughes

I have an Interphone F5 XT DUO. They are definitely not cheap but they are fantastic. You can pair up to 6 which is great for group riding. I used them on a trip with some friends to the Ardennes and on an open road we could stretch to about 800yds without losing a connection.

As I say not cheap but for anybody looking for something very good I would recommend them.