BMF Affiliation Documents

I have now received all the documentation regarding the above (52 pages so that works out at about £26 per page for our £1359!)

It is basically split up in 11 major sections -

Pages 1 > 4 are the welcome letters

Pages 5 > 10 is the Employers Liability Policy and Summary

Pages 11 > 14 is the Affiliation Letter

Pages 15 > 16 is the Risk Assessment Sheet

Pages 17 > 32 are the Guidance Sheets for organising Events etc. etc.

Pages 33 > 38 are The Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policies

Pages 39 > 44 are the Combined Liability Policy for Affiliated Clubs

Pages 45 > 46 is the Certificate Of Employers Liability Insurance

Pages 47 > 49 are the benefits available to affiliated club members

Pages 50 > 51 is the BMF Discount Code for Club members wishing to take advantage of any of the benefits

Page 52 is the flyer for the National Road Rally on 2nd & 3rd July this year (WDW time unfortunately)

I would suggest that anyone organising a rally, show or event familiarises themselves with the relevant sections, in the event that a disaster occurs we will need to show that we have complied with the guidelines for the insurance to be effective.

If anyone needs to have a copy of the insurance certificates etc just print them off.

The discount code is for DOCGB members only. I suggest that the available benefits are printed in Desmo with the code so members can use it.