BMF Show budget

[size=150]I need to book the BMF show stand now! (just found booking form and have to book by end of Feb)
What’s my budget?


We’ve got £500 in the budget for the BMF rally which is the same as last year (I think).

[size=150]I have spoken with Colin and gone through what we think we need for this years show. It will be a smaller stand but due to price rises the marquee and equipment hire will still come to £521.35. This is down on last years £560.76 .

As we are going for a smaller stand we don’t intend to need any new banners etc.

If this is ok can you send me a cheque for £453.10 made payable to ‘BMF Enterprises Ltd’ and a cheque for £68.25 made payable to ‘Events Furniture Hire’
or a cheque made payable to me and I will pay the above, which ever is easiest for you.

Cheers, Guy.[/size]

I’ll get the cheques in the post