hello all, we won the best club stand at the BMF, Steve and the guys down there did a fantastic job, there really was only one winner.

Paul Smart being there with us all day Saturday was a real bonus, he, as always could not have been nicer, signing the new T shirts, we had a quick discussion and made him an honourary member, he never wants anything for letting use the T Shirts apart form one for himself, welld one to paul as well as they sold well, along with the new Superbike ones, told Italy about them and there is no problem apart from, Large Please !!!

I will e mail DOCOM later but I have not got my laptop either.

Well done to all and all the CoM members there, as one member put it, it makes you want to belong to this club !!
I could not put it better myself.

yes, well done to all re the stand. I wonder who got in touch with Paul about being there … :wink: :smiley: :smiley:
Incidentally, Paul has been an Honorary Member of the DOC GB for many years, as has Troy Bayliss, Neil Hodgson and James Toseland.

He did not know he was, he is now on the system

he’s probably too polite to say so! I’ll remind him next time I see him :wink:

Is there a list somewhere of honorary members, they should be on member system as they are members, Mr. Smart was not but now is, we are hopefully trying to get him to the Northern Rally if you could please remind him of the dates.

yup, I have the list of honorary members and send them a complimentary copy of Desmo. Some of them do not want their addresses passed on, sorry.
Presume I can now delete Paul and Maggie from my comp copy list then? I seem to remember letting Chris and Frank know a while ago of the comp list - when we were going through who should have copies of Desmo (dealers, traders, etc)
Are you able to contribute towards the costs for Paul? I need to know - I will be seeing him this week. Don’t forget that Pietro was Paul’s mechanic in '72, and they are very good friends :smiley:

We could do with the list, addresses not required. Yes, I am sure we would get him a room and he would be guest of honour