Bol D'Or 2022 - Spare place to fill

“Spaggy’s Tours” has organised a trip to the Bol D’or in September.
However, due to a late withdrawal of one of our group, we have a spare space on the trip.
All ferries and hotels are booked for a two week bash through France starting on Sat 10th Sept, and returning on Sat 24th.
Overall cost is approx £700 plus beer, food, petrol and the Bol entry ticket.
We would welcome the company of another Duke owner who can put up with a bunch of argumentative brothers, a Yorkshireman and someone with no sense of direction.
If you’re at all interested give me a call on 01889 804564 or email
and we’ll discuss further.

Probably the last update to this topic.
The one with no sense of direction is almost certain to drop out due to an illness in the family.
So we have everything (ferries, hotels, tickets etc) booked and sorted for a party of six, and are now down to four.
Before I start cancelling hotels or making other changes, this is a last chance for anyone wanting a two week blast through France visiting some excellent sights, and having a four-day stay at Paul Ricard for the Bol to get in touch PRONTO. I will be forced to update arrangements early next week, so if you would like to join us please give me a bell on 07809 031030. We can, and would like, to take two more.