Bosch igniter for 1978 Darmah

Anyone know where I can get one of the above? Any help would be appreciated.

Give Andrew a call at Mdina Italia. I know he has a t least two of them as I’ve been sat on them for ages - really must send them back… :blush:

Thanks Graham

Wish I’d seen this earlier - I have a drawer full (don’t ask).

The question is why did you want one - has something gone wrong with one? I’ve always wondered if these boxes ever partially malfunction - or whether it’s binary: They work or they don’t.

Just stumbled accross this replacement unit for Bosh box’s. It gives an improved and programable curve. The link is to a forum with an excellent write up on the unit.

Good find Keith, useful info to store away for when my Boschs unit die, do you know of one of the Bosch units failing, there seems to be quite a few units on Ebay, so presumably they don’t die very often?.