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As a DOC member living in Cambridgeshire my pleasure at seeing a large number of Ducatis out together for a run last Sunday heading from Waresley to Gamlingay was only outweighed by my disappointment that I wasn’t amongst them.

I’m assuming this was a Cambridgeshire Branch run out that was (I assume) probably organised via Facebook?

The big problem with those people that use Facebook is that they incorrectly assume that everyone else uses Facebook. We don’t, for various reasons including security.

Maybe it’d be a good idea to use this website as a means of communication rather than depending on the whims of social media?

We used to have a branch section, each branch had their own but saw very little use.
If you contact the branch organiser most also have a what’s ap group to keep people up to date.

So it’s all been outsourced to Meta, I didn’t realise that Mark Zuckerberg was a member? :wink:

Seriously though, I always thought the benefit of an Owners Club was to belong to something that had Identity & purpose, that gave something a little more tangible than just signing up to a Facebook page? We all know about ephemeral Facebook Motorcycle Clubs.

Ha ha, not quite, the forum was not being used for branches so messages were not being read, we had a system that messaged members when new posts arrived but it is just not as efficient.

Lots of advantages of being a member of the club, branch details and meets are on the website along with branch organiser details.

To be honest, unless one is a member of Facebook & has a what’s up account, I really don’t see any advantages.

It depends what you want and expect, Branch meets are on website and in magazine, all events in the calendar on the website with a remind functionality, rallies and social events through thought the year, discounts from dealers, discounted merchandise from club shop, 6 magazines per year, usually 50% off WDW tickets, free entry to museum and factory in Bologna.

So as well as joining The DOC I have to also join Facebook? …

… not very hospitable eh?

No, you do not have to, the branch organiser communicates via e mail, are you on the website as a member, registered etc.

The FB pages are of course private, shared bike pics and ride routes that we do not want just everybody to see, the reason forums are no good is it takes someone to log in and find information where as FB notifies and is much easier to use, it is not though compulsory.

God forbid that we run the risk of showing what a good thing riding a Ducati is eh? :wink:

Maybe the answer here is to have a good look at THIS forum?
Certainly on my mobile 'phone I can chose to connect to a forum just by clicking on an icon.

It’s my humble opinion that by choosing to sub contract “Forum Life” out to Facebook is not the right way to go.
How many other casual riding groups are there on FB?
What is the real benefit of choosing to join The DOC rather than joining any of the plethora of other casual riding groups, or indeed just frequenting the local boozer or café?
Where is the “value added”, the cachet of being a member of The DOC?

It could be the answer but there is so little traffic on the forum and on many other forums, they were all the thing but quickly got replaced. We had all the branches on the forum but it was not used so it was decided to keep it but have it as more of a technical go to place rather than for a what’s on.

Have you seen the website, details of branch meets, a calendar of events. If you do not have Facebook then a lot of branches e mail out also, there are lots of options.

I just wanted to mention some things as an Essex Branch Co ordinator.
We have a couple of people who are not on facebook, they are on Whattsapp. People do need to make themselves known. Branch organiser’s details are on this website.

I am on a few community groups and for me being a closed group is important.
I know you or I would never dream of it, but I have had people posting inappropriate things.
In one case the FB Police got involved.
As a private group the admins can suspend, block or remove a member. If the individual has been hacked, it can be sorted later. If it is a completely public group, anybody can join and in other places we frequently get clothing companies and also people who are competing to have the most groups joined. Also if an open group, they cannot be removed.

I am not sure why some people are so adverse to FaceBook. You do not need to post all your info and some can be changed. EG all teachers I know do not use their own name. Also having joined, you do not need to post on your own page, anything at all really. I very rarely post on my private page. All of it is on club and society pages. Always to do with the topic of the group. You do not even have to post anything. It allows you a window into the group though.

I have even taken out a different gmail account, that I use in facebook. Just for that kind of communication, away from my personal account and friends.

I hope this helps.

Perhaps you need to read this …

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So, I’ve just received my renewal letter.

Well, seeing as I avoid anything to do with Facebook like the plague & am not willing to give out my mobile 'phone number to strangers, I can see the only option is to save myself the mebership fee.

I’ll still be around, but on an actual forum:

Local branches communicate with Facebook and what’s app, we had similar issues when forums first came out but they are a bit old tech now, this one is the latest version available.

You can follow news on the club website, Donington WSB tickets being offered FOC, you do need to register as a member on the website though.

More coming on the My Ducati App, we can share club news directly on to it but again, you have to be registered on the app with Ducati.

Sorry, but you’re quite obviously missing the point here, it makes no difference how many times you say that I can join the closed Facebook group or give my mobile number to people that I’ve probably never met so they can send me messages. I used to be on Facebook many years ago but chose to close my account for two reasons:

Facebook is generally populated by idiots, maybe a “wild generalisation” but a bit like that one where you assume that ALL other road users are idiots? And let’s be honest it’s the lazy option, how many other casual motorcycle groups are there that don’t charge £25 p/a.

Facebook tracks you even when you’re not using Facebook - I call that a security risk wouldn’t you?

So WhatsApp relies on me being prepared to give my mobile number out to total strangers - what could possibly go wrong?

Now why do I have to pay £25 p/a to get tracked on line & have scammers potentially call me.

Just my opinions, sorry if you don’t agree.


Really sorry but I don’t, forums are just old hat, take too long to monitor and just do not work anymore.

I hope you keep your Ducati and enjoy many mikes riding it.