breakdown cover for Europe

breakdown / recovery insurance for Europe. I have never bothered with this before but a pal of mine has just had a horrendous time in Spain after the gearbox oN his Triumph fell apart.I want to see if cover can be done at a reasonable cost.
Anyone got info on good source of cover ? The RAC want a lot of money to upgrade from just UK.
Thanks Philip Boobyer

Try these Philip, I bought cover for my Monster but never had to use it
If you are insured through Carole Nash you should be covered?


I recently discovered that Carole Nash European Recovery includes wording that they will not repatriate your vehicle if the cost of doing so is more than the vehicle’s value POST ACCIDENT. As a pranged Duc is not going to be worth much (in their eyes) the recovery bit may well stop at the nearest dealer.

Thanks for that ,I have just renewed my insurance with Bennetts and they are offering a good deal at first look.But as you say I will have to read the small print
Thanks again r