Breakdown Cover

Might sound like a strange question, but who do you guys and gals use for UK breakdown cover ? I’m looking for a service that will take me home in the (unlikely…) event of a breakdown. A lot of these companies only take you to the nearest dealer. :confused:

I’ve only got the cover that comes with my Carole Nash insurance, and I don’t know what that convers me for…must have a look…

It’s VERY important to read the small print, particularly if you ride abroad; a 996 owner I know was refused repatriation of his bike from France (in that case he was less than 100 miles from Calais) on the grounds that the value of his bike AFTER the crash (bearing in mind that insurers estimate costs using full manufacturer parts prices) did not make it economically viable - effectively writing off the bike. And they did that without even seeing the bike!!!

Yes, the dreaded small print. Trying to read that you would need a solicitor to go through it with a fine toothcomb ! As i say, most of these companies will only take you to the nearest dealer. I was with SOS last year and despite telling me on the phone that their cover would get me home, in the small print it says you go to the nearest dealer. If they can’t fix it within 1 day, then they will return it to your house… :unamused:

Got it sorted now. The AA have a National Breakdown option (Relay ? ) that supposedly takes you home. Just piggybacked my 748 onto the wife’s car policy for £38. Sorted !

AA for me, the insurance one I had once was up to 16 miles then chargeable !!