Brembo calliper kit

I’m reconditioning the Brembo callipers on my 1980 900ss, so I would welcome ideas on where to purchase new piston seals and dust covers, diameter 38mm. The original seals would work inside the calliper, but out of the callipers they are slack on the loose piston; is that unusual? However, the original dust boots have expanded so they don’t grip the groove of the piston sufficiently for purpose, so I guess it’s time to replace them all. Thanks for your feedback, Julian

If the usual Ducati suppliers don’t have the overhaul kits, then try Gutsibits. Moto Guzzi parts suppliers. BRA37234 is the kit you need.

Try Ducati Paddy. He will have what you need.

Thank you Duncan and Widgers for your helpful advice. Meanwhile I have ordered and received 3 calliper kits from medina, only to confirm my suspicion that the new seals are loose on removed pistons so probably the original seals would have been fine for purpose, but I definitely needed to replace the outer dust seals as the new ones are the required tight fit, and I am doubtful that they would be available separately without access to a Brembo insider.

Slowly servicing my Brembo Gold Series brake callipers, does anyone know the correct tightening procedure or torque wrench settings for tightening the new replacement Allen bolts which hold the calliper halves together?
Accurate information would be greatly appreciated, thanks Julian.