Brio 48 gear selector cable setup

Hey all! My first post ever I think, at least for a long time and my word, I really need your help!

I’m currently restoring a 1965 Brio 48 (check out my blog at if you like). I’ve been doing this project for a couple of years now and I’m on the home straight but I’m really stuck on the gear selector. There are two cables running down from the twist grip gear change in a push and pull manner. One cable makes sense, there is a throat on the casing to stop the cable outer from moving but allow the inner cable to pass through and be tightened onto the mounting on the selector leaver. The other cable passes straight through the other hole though, there is no throat, just a hole but there is a throat on the mounting on the selector leaver bracket.

The pull will work but I can’t see how the push will ever work? I’ve created a video as well, hoping this might help.

I’m usually pretty switched on with these things but with this, I’m lost.

Any help very much appreciated.

Managed to sort it for the record, was missing a tiny cable clamp!

A write up in DESMO would be good in these unusual time a rare beauty. Dare to be different

Yeah I’d be happy to write something. Who do I need to speak with?

Hi Jim

Glad you got it sorted out, would make a good read, e mail to

Any pictures to be sent by we transfer

Look forward to reading about it.

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