Every time I go to BSB at Brands Hatch I see some Ducatis parked just outside the restaurant Kentagon; is that organized by the DOCGB? If so how could I get there with my Monster?
Does the DOCGB organize any event on race days?

As far as I know it’s not a DOCGB organised event, but Ducati UK do put on hospitality.

I have asked Ducati UK about hospitality, I have done it in the past and it is superb.

I discover the area is organized by Ducati Sporting Club…I have never used the Ducati hospitality, and to be honest I cannot see any benefit to me to be a DOCGB ! I will have to review that membership in September.

Hello Vortex.
I assume that one or more members of the DSC have organised this for their club, (well done to them) just as would happen if some members of the DOC GB had done.
All club events are organised by ordinary members and where possible supported financially and /or physically with help from the council of management (CoM) of the club, (who are all unpaid volunteers).
The club doesn’t have paid staff, it’s all done by and for members, just as with the DSC, they are no different, it just happens that they want to do this one.

I organize with the invaluable assistance of quite a few members:
DOC GB Stands at both Stafford Bike shows.
The Severn Valley Rally.
I do enjoy doing these events and meeting members and non members alike.
I have no interested in BSB racing so I’ve no knowledge of these events, if other do then please get together and sort something out, it’s not hard, just takes a bit of motivation, and you may get something out of it yourself, try it.

The club puts on and joins in on quite a few events throughout the year at national level and branch level.
We can’t be everywhere at once, it’s purely down to members interests.

As with any club in my opinion, you get out what you are prepared to put into it.

If anyone want to organise any event on behalf of the club, just go for it, the CoM will do it’s best to hep and support you. :smiley:

Kevin Baker.
DOC GB Memsec

It is through their Desmo Due race series, as they spend money on this they get parking through MSV I think.

Everybody has a choice and it depends on what you want with membership. It was Brands and that is where the club is based predominantly, where are you in the country ? What do you want from a club ?

DSC does not have a branch at Brands Hatch …

True! Everybody has a choice… What I would like to have as a member is to have some perks at race events. Oh! I am in the country by the way!

Let me know which round you are at next and I am sure we can organise it. Should not be a problem.