Budget for Southern Rally

I know that the Southern Rally is a long way off but I have some ideas for things that I would like to do with it this year. In order for me to firm up these ideas and get the details into Desmo in reasonable time I will need to have an idea of what (if any) budget is available to me.

The rally has been entirely self funding for the last two years and has also been subsidised by me, out of my own pocket. I believe that the time has come to move the Southern Rally on and re-establish it as the premier DOCGB gathering in the South. In order to do this I will need some financial assistance.

Graham, over to you?


Hi Chris, have you any idea of how much you require so that I can put it forward. You should not be subsidising a DOCGB event. You will have a great deal of support on the committee so give us a clue.


Hi Frank,

No firm figures as yet (ooh er missus!). I will try to get some costings together and present them to the CoM. I know that it’s a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario, but I thought it might be better to know how much funding I had in place and then work out what I could achieve with it.



Just throw something together and we will work from that. Shouldn’t be any problems,

Think of a number, any number … :wink: