Buying from Shop issues?

I purchased my first T-Shirt from them and was tracking through UPS but find its been sent back to the suppliers for lack of customs paperwork. Anyone had the same problems.

I bought something from them over a year ago that never arrived :angry: :angry: .

Gave up trying to chase them in the end and decided to never buy from them again - I always buy through a dealer

did you get your money back Steve.

No I did not. Was only £20 and I almost lost the will to live trying to sort it.

Whenever I contacted Customer Services the always called me back and were willing to help. Might be worth taking a few minutes to contact them. If they don’t know they do something wrong, how can they put it right? (+ it’s Italy, so organisation’s not their strong point). :laughing:

I’ve sent another email to them through their contact page quoting my order number and UPS tracking number. We will see what comes back. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Its August Italy is on Holiday :astonished:

yes, that’s right, best wait until September for any answers …