Cadwell - August 9 and 10, CRMC

Classic Racing Motorcycle Club - Cadwell Park, August 9 and 10.

I’m doing Cadwell this weekend with the CRMC rather than doing the Aintree meeting.

This will only be the second time I’ve raced with the CRMC, the first being at Anglesey earlier this year - at that meeting I crashed on the Sunday morning :open_mouth: so I’m hoping not to have a repeat performance this time!
I’ve done track days at Cadwell, once on the 250 at last years DOC track day, but I’ve never raced there so it should be an interesting meeting.

I’m in the 250 Single Cylinder class which is on track with the 200cc and the 250 Twins classes. Practice is from 9am on Saturday (I don’t know which session I’ll be in yet) and then I’m in race 8 (2nd after lunch) and race 18 (next to last). On Sunday I’m in race 28 (just before lunch) and race 38 (next to last again).

I’ve been assigned ‘11’ as my race number.

Cadwell is a little far to go for those who regularly come to see me race at Aintree, Three Sisters, Anglesey and Oulton, but I’m hoping to see a few new faces from the club.
Barry and Angela from Classic Ducati (who have given me sponsorship this year) are coming along, probably on Saturday, so it’ll be great to see them at the track.
If there are any other club members coming, then please look me up in the paddock :smiley:

Obviously, being the CRMC, this meeting is just for Classic and Post Classic bikes (rather than the classic class amongst the modern bikes as is the case with the clubs I normally race with). The sights and sounds of the Ducati Singles (and maybe a few Pantah’s), Manx Nortons, Goldstars, Tridents, sidecars, etc (and the Japanese stuff too) are wonderful at these classic meetings, so get along if you can.



CRMC Cadwell
August 9th and 10th.

I’ve finally got around to writing up my meeting from Cadwell.

Although I’d previously done DOC track days at Cadwell (including last year on the 250) this was my first time racing at the circuit.

We arrived at about 7pm on Friday evening to find the paddock pretty full, most people having caravans, vans or motorhomes. We got our tent up and, for the first time this year, put up the gazebo (which is a bit flimsy and not really up to surviving too much wind).

Saturday morning dawned wet and windy.
After signing on and scrutineering I didn’t have too long to wait before practice.
On the first lap of practice one of the riders fell badly, when I went past he was sprawled face down and not moving – a reminder that the sport has its dangers. We had to wait for a while before practice resumed, the remainder of which was pretty uneventful.

I was due to be in 4 races over the weekend, races 8 and 18 on Saturday, 28 and 38 on Sunday. Unfortunately by lunch time on Saturday after race 6 the programme had to be suspended – the heavy rain had caused flooding in a couple of places.
When the weather eased off a bit they got the spades, brooms and pumps out so eventually racing resumed but with only sufficient time to complete the first half of the days programme (ie I got to do race 8 but not race 18).

Barry and Angela from Classic Ducati (who have been helping me out with sponsorship) were with us at the track on Saturday which was great, it was really good to see them there as other commitments had prevented them from seeing me race this year. With the stoppages we had time to talk to the eligibility officer about what could be done when building a bike. Watch this space!

Race 8
My first race at Cadwell. Conditions still pretty damp, some sections of the track had water running across (especially turning in to Mansfield under heavy braking at the bottom of the hill) but nothing too deep!
Started from almost the very back of the grid on row 9. Had a good start, got past quite a few bikes off the line, then got swallowed up by some of those I’d just passed. This was only a 4-lap race (due to time constraints), my times came down by a few seconds on each lap and I gradually made up positions as I learned the track. Many riders were being cautions because of the conditions but I tend not to do too badly in the wet. I finished 17th overall, 7th of 12 in the 250 singles class with my final lap taking 2:25.747 (53.674mph).
One more place and I’d have got another signature towards my national license, but it wasn’t to be.

Sunday was still very windy, but dry and sunny.

Race 28
My start from row 5 was great, at first, then I missed 2nd gear and a load of bikes came streaming past.
Everyone was travelling much faster in the dry conditions (although there was a bit of side wind at the top of the track). I made up a few places and lost a few places in the first 3 laps then got passed by another Ducati and a Honda 200 (twin). Got back past the Honda but he nipped inside me on the last lap to beat me to the line. Although I finished much further down the field than Saturday, my fastest lap was 14 seconds faster.

Race 38
A reasonable start from row 6, got past the Honda which had passed me in the last race and gave chase to one of the Ducatis. Got passed by the Honda again going into Mansfield so battled with him for a while till I got past and blocked him and gave chase to the Ducati again, but then he nipped past again on the last lap. Great fun, even if we were quite far down the field again (11th of 14 in the 250 single cylinder class). At one point we were almost three abreast at the top of the mountain – very close! My times had come down by another second and a half which was good.

I think that next year, if I do a few of the CRMC meetings I should be able to sit mid-table.
I’m looking forward to that as the racing always seems to be very close and action packed.

My next meetings now are in September.
Saturday 20th September is the final Aintree meeting where I’ll compete in the Classic 250 single cylinder and 350 single cylinder classes.
Sunday 21st September is the final Preston and District meeting at Three Sisters. I’ve secured 2nd place in the classic 250 class but the gap’s too big for me to make 1st. I’m running in 3rd place in the open 250 class – it’s just possible that I could achieve 2nd place, but it’s unlikely, although I’ll be doing my best.