Cam belts

I have a 2005 ST3 that I use regularly,usually at least once a week.What is the latest thinking on replacing cam belts ? I am getting conflicting views on the length
of time/mileage . Currently I work on 2 years but I am being told that it too frequent by a few people who seem to know what they are talking about.
BY the way, ,If I do it myself do I need any special tools ? thanks Philip Boobyer

That is the reccomended time, personally do every three years, I don’t do them myself though, they go to specialists or dealers

I change the belts on my bikes every two years, but then I do rake the shit out of them and they kick out a fair bit more power than standard 4 Valve motors…
I don’t know what tools you need to sort out your ST3 as I haven’t any experience with them, but a good mate has a tuned one in his 900SL based special and I could ask him about it for you?

Steve R

know very little about 4 valve motors or the ST3

2 valve motors are meant to get changed every 2 years but I change our monster and ss every 3 years and have not had any issues yet

Local independant shop has never heard of belts going pop on 2 valve motors but 4 valve motors are more problematic in this area

Easy enough to do your self on 2 valve motors, no special tools needed apart from a 5mm allen key to fit between the pulley and the belt to check tension, oil changes with stuck on filters tend to be more problematic

Use copper crease on all fittings it makes life easier disassembling next time

Personally I change my belts every 2 years, both 2 valve and 4 valve.

The 4 valve is fairly simple to do depending upon mechanical experience. Some use a tool to lock the vertical cams in place, this tool isn’t strictly necessary, I do without, but you will need to download a small program from the net to measure correct belt tension, a microphone will also be needed along with a laptop.

There are a trio of helpful videos on youtube by CA Cycleworks but they are for the 749/999 4 valve. Can be applied to others inc 998, 996R and S4R, there is also another for the 2 valve Multistrada

Links here;-



However no video for the 3 valver ST :cry:

thanks to everyone who has replied to my querry . I think I will do it soon when the two years are up. I will have a go myself, it doesn’t look too tricky. thanks again Philip Boobyer

i run a 4v and a 2v and i work on every 6k miles or two years, or whichever comes first.
i use a local independant specialist to do mine.