Can't understand it.

I can’t understand why the classic Kawasaki triple club won’t let me join there forum?

Did you tick all the boxes? You know:

Do you hate fuel?
Do you want to annoy your neighbours with a cackling, tinny ehaust sound?
Do you like constant reconditioning of parts?
Do you like changing your undies after every corner?
Do you want to die in a motorbike accident?
Well, a Kwak Two Stroke Triple is for you! :laughing:

It’s probably something to do with…
A/. You don’t have a Kwak Triple,
B/. The way that we spent most of the TT week in Port Erin mercilessly taking the piss out of them, inc’ a bevel owner drowning out their awards presentation with his bevels Conti’s!
That wouldn’t have been you would it Keith?

Steve R (South)

I only went round the block and gave them a blast 5 times while they had their awards ceremony. I can’t see what the problem is?

Good Lad - You’re doing them a favour anyway…

It is the way of nature that one is a lonely soul, destined for sadness; two allows for perfect harmony and balance; three is a recipe for disaster, with always an imbalance as two strive to woo the third; and four, well, don’t go there, as that can only lead to a combination of three and one :imp:

Quite simply, according to nature where Ying and Yang support and strengthen each other, Duc twins are right and kwak triples are wrong :laughing:

Two’s company, three’s a crowd (or for kawakers) a cloud - cough splutter…