Carbon Air box sp3

Im looking at buying a carbon airbox on ebay for my SP3,but Im not going down the road of carbon air intakes…yet.
Im still keeping the original speedo setup,does it take much to jig about to fit it,as part of the airspace for the air box is down due to the design of the underneath of the tank.
Also can I run the stand air intakes into it ???
At the mo there is no top to the standard air box just a race filter with both air ducts routed open ended into the space between the bottom of the tank,and the airbox.
Cheers all
If I lean it over that far Ill fall off

Hi all
Ive decided not to go for the box because it would not fit my bike as the frame has a cross brace where the airbox would fit.
Can anyone tell me why a brace is fitted, take it its because its basically a race frame different from standard ones,I believe the race frames fitted to the corsa bikes had a removable brace.
Remember though my sp3 is a 1991
Cheers all
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
If I lean it over that far I will fall off !!