Carbon Termis and ECU for 996R or 998S

Having a bit of a clear out.

50mm Carbon Termis (Ducati part number: 96419102B) complete with mounting straps and matching ECU for a Ducati 996R or 998S (Ducati part number: 96507502B).

All in as new condition and still in original packaging - they were mounted to my brand-new 998 for less than 20 miles (but that is another story!).

£1,000 plus shipping from Exeter.

Hi Dave,
Im Brendon from NZ.Do you still have these for sale…if so i need them…haha.
Will they fit a 2003 998? If they will i will buy them.
Please let me know. My email is


Hi Brendon.

I’ve sent you an email suggesting you ask your local Ducati dealer or maybe Ducati themselves, but it also strikes me that someone here may be able to advise on whether they would fit your bike.



Hi Dave thanks a lot for your help…i will check it out and get back to you.Im looking to buy my mates 998 but it just has the factory system.I want to up grade it to a full turmignoni system and re tune it…and away i goooooo…