has anyone changed the carbs on the early paso models for non Ducati type ie not webber?
been having problems in low temps, some say add fuel additive, others say dont.
i have been told klien carbs will solve my problems but they are 600 quid!
basically my problem is when i pull up to a junction the revs rise dramatically and i have to blip the throtle several times before the revs drop.
i had the opposite problem on my 749 when i rode in cold weather pulled up at junction the engine would stall.

Have you servicedthe carbs fully? I had this problem until I discovered that the float chamber gasket was leaking fuel into the carg barrels. This is a gasket aging thing and, commonly occurs. Riders were able to get me a carb service kit: no more trouble. The Weber is actually a very good carb when fully up together.

Phil Romford

will check that out. think i may have traced the problem to the fuel pump sender, it randomly disconects itself, when the tank is full not a problem gravity fed but when fuel level drops to stage were pump is required bike is running lean. but i suppose it’s the same old story one problem leads to many different fixes! get to know your bike though. :smiley: