Cases stuck slightly open

My cases seem to be stuck with a 15-20mm gap as I took them apart. The crank is free so I’m thinking that it might be a gear-related problem, as I don’t know what gear it was in as I started to pull them apart and I seem to recalll that that was important. I remembered to turn the kick-start as I split the cases but it does feel related as occasionally that goes solid as I wiggle it. The selector drum is free at the tip. Anybody got any ideas?

Neutral switch cam on the end of the selector drum?

I’ve removed the neutral stop bolt which goes in the middle of the drum and also taken off the small plate from the end of the drum. I’m going back out there, I may be some time…

Success! I think that I just had a lot of stiction betweenthe selector forks and their shafts now I’ve sprayed them with anti-friction coating - ironic, that. Anyway now I have chance to fit restrictors into the oil-feed to the heads without worrying about swarf getting stuck in the cases.
Thanks, Kevin.

Just an update that when I got the cases apart one of the gear shafts was a very tight fit in the bearing so it wasn’t moving when the other shaft and selector drum were, so causing the bind - I think. A very close look at gear engagement as I started reassembly showed that fifth gear had only half a tooth engagement with its partner. Since that was the gear with half a tooth missing when it first came apart I think it warrants a further coat of looking-at and an inspection by MMT.

Good news, keep us informed of progress, got any photos?