OK so probably like most of i was looking around the workshop and thinking Dam i have a lot of ££ this shed.
So was looking at Maplins and the CCTV cameras (Swann DVR8-2450 8 Channel CCTV).
I already have big gates alarms and locks but was thinking £400 on a CCTV system isnt a lot against an empy workshop.

Any advise on this system or others?

No advice on CCTV.

I have a different solution. The dog pictured in my avatar is a 53kg German Shepherd and whilst well behaved when commanded anybody that tried to get to my bikes or tools would just save me buying food for him for a few days …

i install security for a living , i would strongly advise on not going with swann !!! if you want to spend £400 go to your local electrical supplier , they will supply your local security companys , you should be able to get decent DVR and cams , try you local Gardners/ADI , they stock HIK visioin , not bad stuff