Certificate of conformity

Hi Fellow Ducatisti,
Moved from California , living in Kent now. I have imported two ducatis and are trying to get the COC…applied on Jan 5th and so far no updates at all. How can I get the COC from Ducati?

Not sure whats the usefulness of the MyDucati Garage, my two bikes can be seen there and I have provided all the info needed.

any help much appreciated.

Ducati finally replied

“We have checked on the request made to the factory for COC’s on USA bikes, unfortunately USA motorcycles do not have a COC due to their on laws so in this case we cannot supply COC’s.”

How do I register my two Ducati’s? there are several questions on the form about measurements, capacity etc… that I have no idea ! :frowning:

Unfortunately without a CoC I do not think you will be able to register the bike in the UK

If you have the original US title docs I don’t see the problem.
DK motorcycles in England import Ducatis from the USA all the time. Talk to them, they should be able to help you.

I don’t think this is the case… I believe that without the CoC you may simply need to get a Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval (MSVA) done. Plenty of folk build weird stuff in sheds, without a CoC, and get it on the road. The CoC would make it easier but I don’t think this is an impossibility.

Might be worth speaking to DVLA…